Will you stoke the fires of rebellion or embrace the darkness?

Centuries ago, an enigmatic led a well-orchestrated assault that resulted with the majority of the world within her control. Commanding undead forces, supplemented by goblinoid enemies of men, the lich subjugated region after region, driving the dwarves into hiding within their mountain kingdoms, surrounding and blockading the elves into their forest homes, and enslaving the halfling villages within interment camps. Small points of light glimmer on the frontiers, while rebellions flare up in the cities surrounding the capital stronghold.

Will you join the side of the rebellion, hoping to become part of a force that will topple the Empress, or will you work within the system, hoping to garner favor of the undead lords so that their power might eventually bring you one step closer to immortality?

Nentir vale

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Razing the Dead

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