Razing the Dead

Second Adventure
Dragon bones, kobolds, missing kids and traitors
  • Rescued Douvan
    Excavated the dragon skeleton
    Helped return it to Winterhaven for a share of the profits
    Found an ancient mirror and battered locket
  • Return to Winterhaven
    Children are going missing
    Believed to be slipping out in the middle of the night
    Accompany town guard through the streets on their night watch
    Gather guards to assist in tracking down the kobolds
  • Assistance
    Two new faces join the group – Ninaran, an elven hunter, and Leon, a human hunter
  • Waterfall cavern
    Sneaking to catch the kobold menace off guard, Ninaran ‘accidentally’ steps on a branch and alerts them to the group
    Nearly all of the guardsmen that accompanied them to the waterfall died in the combat, though eventually the kobolds were eliminated. But not before one of the dragonshields escaped beneath the falls to warn his master.
  • Betrayal, Purposeful and Accidental
    In the middle of the combat, Ninaran took advantage of the chaos and sniped one of the guards before making her escape, leaving them to the kobolds.
    Leon accidentally drops one of his own companions while thinning the mix of kobolds with a barrage of arrows
  • Entering the Cave
    Charging into the cave, the final wave of kobolds defended their hidden treasure
    Irontooth, a fearsome goblin, nearly ended the group
    Guppus, the kobold shaman, returned to fling an endless stream of fireballs that never seemed to hit
    The group eventually dispatches the kobolds and Irontooth, but at the beginning of the battle Glebicus is surrounded and dropped to the ground
    A moment after falling, Glebicus twitches back to life, standing, wounds miraculously closed and now wielding a mysterious new might that cut through their enemies while healing the wounds of his companions
    After defeating the kobolds, they found an ancient shrine dedicated to a forgotten god, as well as empty shelves of a disused library
    Amongst the treasure was an enchanted set of chainmail and a mysterious pair of gauntlets
  • Return to Winterhaven
    Arriving back in town, the adventurers need rest to heal and to spend some of their hard earned money to resupply before their next series of adventures
Opening of the Adventure
Origins and directions
  • Finster’s
    Fought Imperial hunters
    Necromancer and his minions were after Solea
    - “That’s the one…”
  • Family Inn
    Kobold Ambush on way to Winterhaven
    Joined by another woodsman along the way
  • Arrived in Winterhaven
    Community improvement of the elven ghetto
    Training of the militia to improve their chances of defending Winterhaven
    Destroyed town forge, accidentally, while trying to improve its capacity
  • Set off to find Douval, to assist Solea’s grandfather
    Encountered by Kobold Hunting Party during the night
  • Reach the Dragon Burial
    Scared off most of the diggers
    Rescue Douval

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