Ernest Padraig

Lord of the region of Winterhaven, benevolent leader against the dangers outside of the town wall


Lord Padraig is a tall, somewhat imposing figure amongst the weaker, downtrodden citizens of Winterhaven. His clothing is aging finery, though threadbare in some areas, showing that he holds his position with respect, though not so much as to waste resources replenishing his wardrobe.

He seldom leaves the manor without his scale armor, dented though well-maintained and oiled. He carries a longsword at his side, etched with his family’s crest on the hilt and snaps the sword in and out of its scabbard while deep in thought.


Padraig is descended from the noble family that ruled the area under the old kingdoms, before the reign of the Empire. People are generally happy with his rule and respect his authority. He does not, however, demonstrate absolute power – he cannot force the citizens of the town to rally into a military force, for example.

Ernest Padraig

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