An ancient elven druidic leader and grandfather to Solea.


An aging elf, firm lines crease his sharp elven features. His blond hair is all but white now, braided and entwined with bits of ornamental vine, and his clothing is simple leather and cloth spun from materials found about their encampment, allowing him to blend into the wilderness of their home at will. The disease that creeps through his body originates on his left arm, slowly winding black veins beneath his skin, leaving the surrounding tissue pale and bloodless, stretching past his elbow and reaching for his heart.


Stoic and withdrawn, even before his disability, the elven leader is truly ancient, his span in the world stretching to long before the Empire rose into power. While he does well to hide his emotions, even to his own people, others have hinted that he was quite an adventurer even in his old age, accompanying several groups out into the world outside of the elven span of the forest.

In his most recent expedition, he led a charge against a group of orcs financed by the Empire to burn the elves from their stronghold. During the encounter he was lured into combat with the orc leader, who then revealed his undead host of soldiers that surrounded and maimed the elder. Although the orcs were defeated and driven out, it came at a stiff price as the elder still ails from the withering wounds dealt by the strange undead abominations sent in to assassinate him.

While he weakens, he still manages the respect of the elven tribe and still battles the orcs and undead that threaten his people.


Razing the Dead Eisleid