As we are likely to have a mixed alignment party, here are the potential alignments across the spectrum. Your actions speak louder than the words on your character sheet – do good deeds and it’s possible your Unaligned character will venture more towards the realm of good. Work your evil ways and it could go the opposite. Most of this will be based on intent, rather than consequence – in other words, you could kill everyone in the room, but did you do it as an act of justice, or just wanton murder?

Lawful Good – An orderly society protects us from evil.
You keep the promises you make, you maintain a code of honor and you will fight to defend those in your protection. In this world, this is a rare thing, as many just want to survive – not something likely to happen if you try to save everyone you ever meet that is threatened by something. It’s a dangerous world, and Lawful Good characters should just paint a glowing, holy white target on their chest and be done with it.

Good – Protecting the weak from those who would kill them is the right thing to do.
You’ve seen the situations in movies. The protagonist is given the choice of escape with his life, living another day or he can go back and save the weak and broken woman he barely knows because he knows it’s the right thing to do. He goes back, confronts the bad guy in a gruesome fight where he gets hit a lot, you think he’s about to die, then he somehow saves the day. It’s like that in this world, too. Just more often than not, the hero doesn’t win that fight.

Unaligned – Just let me go about my business.
You might jump in and help, but what’s in it for you? Yes, you sprung from the shadows, delivering the killing blow and saving the paladin right at the last second, but did you do it out of respect for that character’s life, or did you just know you’d need him to escape that dungeon after all? You probably don’t go out of your way to stir up trouble, but when it finds you, who knows what side you’ll take?

Evil – It is my right to claim what others possess.
The wizard claimed that magic item you had your eye on. Sure, you probably can’t make use of it, at least not immediately, but why should he have it, why does he get to carry it? And why are you here, fighting through these goblin infested tunnels? Surely it isn’t to rescue that princess. It must have something to do with that treasure you’ve heard about. The one you swore you would share amongst the group. Well, that just depends on how much of the group makes it out along with the treasure, now doesn’t it?

Chaotic Evil – I don’t care what I have to do to get what I want.
Chaotic Evil means never having to say you’re sorry. Rules go out of the window when dealing with you. You aren’t batshit crazy … well, you might be, but when it comes down to it, you’ve given up on humanity, elvinity, dwarfinity and all the others. You may act on a whim, or you may be so calculating that the bard never saw just who fired the arrow during the attack. It could have been the orcs, or it could have been you, with the arrows you looted from the last orc your group dealt with on the way into the forest. What was it he said to offend you again? Ah, who cares. He won’t say it again, regardless.


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