Campaign Rules Additions

Due to the specific challenges of the world, there are certain rules that have been altered for the specific flavor of this campaign.

Additional Damage:

  • Skeletons: When fighting skeletons, characters attacking with blunt weapons do an additional 1d6 points of damage when successfully striking skeletal opponents.
  • Zombies: When fighting zombies, characters attacking with bladed weapons automatically kill the zombie on a roll 19-20 (not including modifiers), as long as this beats the AC/REF/FORT/WILL check of the enemy. This represents the beheading or severing of the brain of the zombie. For piercing or blunt weapons, a strict roll of 20 destroys the brain and kills the zombie instantly.

Neither of these rules have any affect on other forms of undead.

It pays for characters to be trained in and carrying multiple types of weapons in the world, as regardless of how many undead are within the armies of the Empress, they are also more common in the areas outside of civilization than wild animals.

Alignment Trackers
As previously mentioned, alignments are kept between a player and the DM. The DM will track your alignment over the course of the game. You decide at first where you want to begin, but your actions may change your alignment over time.

Ex. You may begin as Unaligned, someone who has been on their own for so long that they have kept primarily to themselves and only cared for selfish motives. However, in an adventure, you go out of your way to save an innocent from a pair of skeletal warriors that had them backed into a corner of a dark alley in the town. Going out of your way to help that innocent earns you “points” along the spectrum of the alignment scale, pushing you towards the side of Good. This is not an instantaneous process, but more of a gradual change, showing the growth (or decline…) of a character based on their roleplayed actions.

Campaign Rules Additions

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